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April 28 through May 13, 2017

Bent A Play by Martin Sherman

Reviews of 'Bent'

Someday Productions' 'Pillow Talking' , by Wayne Keeley and Stephanie Lyons

"Brookfield’s Bent is a powerful, engaging, searing piece of theatre..."

"Anthony Contento (who Pillow Talking loved in Brookfield’s, "And Then There Were None") gives an authentic, layered performance as Max. Mr. Contento convincingly portrays the one-hundred-eighty-degree arc of his character (and his journey through the aforementioned five stages) so that by the end of the play, the denouement is not surprising at all, but nevertheless still electrifying."

"Anthony Contento is just spectacular as the angst-ridden Max. A demanding role, he delivers a heavily nuanced portrayal of this conflicted man who has little sense of self; a man who will do anything to survive, including making deals with the devil."

"Thank you TBTA for Bent – theatre that is beyond thought-provoking; that sometimes makes you uncomfortable, and most definitely leaves a profound impression. The kind of theatre that stays with you long after the curtain has come down."

The Newtown BeeReview by Elizabeth Young

"Absorbing, Breathtaking 'Bent' in Brookfield"

"...all excruciating and exacting performances."

"Anthony Contento is strong as Max, the ne’er do well playboy who finds himself fighting for survival as he protects his lover. His character’s growth and suffering is palpable, yet he continues to reach out to others in need. For two scenes in particular, Mr Contento displays agony and heartbreak with an intensity that overwhelms."

OnStage Blog; Review by Nancy Sasso Jannis

"Anthony Contento of Woodbury (Caleb in ‘Spitfire Grill’ at Community Theatre at Woodbury) was the driving force of the play as Max and gave a most memorable performance."

Talkin' Broadway; Review by Zander Opper

"Bent, Martin Sherman's devastating 1979 play, is receiving a powerful and moving production at Brookfield Theatre for the Arts."

"It is in the scenes between Max and Horst, working together in the concentration camp, that this production truly takes hold. Their growing relationship is the most searing and effective part of Bent. A sexual tension builds between the two men, though they must keep from even looking at each other as they work. Playwright Martin Sherman has written one of the most erotic scenes I have ever seen in a play, involving Max and Horst, miraculously accomplished with the two men simply talking to each other and standing on opposite sides of the stage. One truly comes to care deeply about these characters and both Anthony Contento and Joe Russo give sterling performances."

Stills taken during a performance of "Bent", a play by Martin Sherman in April 2017!
All photographs are courtesy of Stephen Cihanek Photography

Stills taken during a full dress rehearsal of "Bent", a play by Martin Sherman in April 2017
All photographs are courtesy of A.m. Bhatt and Bhatt Studios...Thanks Al!!

Stills taken during a full dress rehearsal of "And Then There Were None" back in March 2016
All photographs are courtesy of Stephen Cihanek Photography...Thanks Stephen!!